K8s and Docker

Interactive Browser Based Labs, Courses & Playgrounds – Good one Try It

https://projectcalico.docs.tigera.io/getting-started/kubernetes/   – Good One


https://github.com/waterplaclid/kubernetes-network-policy-recipes – Good One

Jenkins X is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud – applications on Kubernetes

Docker Labs – Playground to learn Docker

Kubernetes Work Shop Hand-On – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes Examples – Hand-on – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes for Windows From Scratch – Good Hands-on

Running Terraform in Kubernetes as a controller – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes Bootcamp – Hand-on – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes on Windows – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes Operations (kops) – Good Hands-on

Certified_Kubernetes_Administrator_Exam_v1.9.0 – CKA Exam Pattern

Learn to apply namespaces, resource quotas, – Check out

Kubernetes Namespaces, Resource Quota, and Limits for QoS in Cluster – Good Understanding

Setting up Ingress on Minikube – Hands on steps

Kubernetes Interactive Tutorials – Good One Try and Learn

Bazel – Rules for building and handling Docker images with Bazel

Kaniko – Build Container Images in Kubernetes

How to Install Kubernetes on CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 – Step by Step Guide

How to Install Kubernetes on CentOS  – Guide

Blockchain dapp platform – Article

Serverless Architecture – Article

Container Orchestration – All Needed Information

Drone a Continuous Delivery platform – built on Docker

Nomad tool for managing a cluster of machines and running applications – Try it

Kubernetes cluster setup using virtual machines – Without Manual Intervention

Steps to install kubernetes cluster manually using CENTOS 7 – Good One

Kubernetes cluster setup using virtual machines – Good One

Installing and Running Kubernetes on Various Platforms – Pick the Right Solution

Using kubeadm to Create a Cluster  – Handy Information with Steps

Scalable-Cassandra-deployment-on-Kubernetes – Cassandra

Open Source Security in Your Kubernetes Cluster – Secure Apps Deployed on K8s

Perceptor-Protoform – A Cloud Native Administration Utility for Perceptor Eco-System

K8 Sandbox – Minikube – Sandbox for Hands-on

Helm package manager-The missing CI-CD Kubernetes component – Hands-on Try IT

Getting Started with Kubernetes on AWS – Hands on Tutorial

Getting Started with Kubernetes on your Windows Laptop with Minikube  – Lab -Try IT

Google Cloud Tutorials – Good Hands-on

Kubernetes on Windows – Hands-on

Hands 0n Docker Tutorial – Good one to start with and Gain knowledge on Docker

Docker for Windows Dev Environment – Good Hands-on

Docker For Beginners – Good Hands-on

Docker Orientation and Setup – Good Hands-on

Docker Cheat Sheet – Quick Info

Azure – Docker Enabled Clusters

Production Grade K8 Container Scheduling and Management

Understand and Start with rkt

Kubernetes Security Guide – Good One from Sysdig Check it Out

IT Professional Training – Free Online Training on various IT Technologies

Monitoring Kubernetes – Monitoring, Alerting, Troubleshooting & WayBlazer – Use Case Demo

Monitor Istio – The Kubernetes Service Mesh – Good One from Sysdig

Sending Kubernetes & Docker events to Elasticsearch and Splunk – Using Sysdig implementation method

Kubernetes 101 – Pods, Nodes, Containers & Clusters

Kubernetes Twelve Key Features – Understanding K8s

Help Full Site for Learning and Troubleshooting – All in one

Understanding Kubernetes Networking  – Best explanation Pod & Ingress networking

Kubernetes Foundational Learning – Be a Master

Kubernetes Intermediate Learning – Be a Master

Kubernetes Advanced Learning – Be a Master

Introducing the Vault Operator for Kubernetes – consume and operate Vault on Kubernetes

Use Ingress Resources to Expose Kubernetes Services to External Traffic

Create a Hybrid Kubernetes Linux Windows Cluster

Load Balancing in K8

Kubernetes – Simple, cloud native infrastructure


Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes