Educate Yourself

AWS v/s Azure v/s Google Cloud

Developing for and Deploying an ADF Web Application to the Oracle Public Cloud – Hands on guide

Jenkins is for Development Rundeck is for Operations – Checkout

Rundeck makes Ansible even better Checkout

WEB IDE Tool – Development on Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Jumstart Hands-on Labs

Discover how your team can successfully adopt DevOps for resilient software delivery increased quality and improved security – 2019 Guide

CI patterns and anti patterns – Article

Continous Testing – Article

Continious Delivery – Article

Dynamic web and mobile application development – Article

Hybrid cloud trends offer lessons for potential consumers – Good Article

5 DBA Mistakes That Can Cost You Your Job – Check out


Consuming a RESTful web service – Hands on guide

Logger in Java – Hands on guide

Log4j2 Example Tutorial – Hands on guide

AMIS TECHNOLOGY BLOG – Handy reference

Starting out with Oracle SOA CS – Hands on Guide

Five main building blocks of the new Visual Builder Cloud Service – VBCS hands-on

Compare Continuous Integration Software – For Knowledge


Tableau Learning Path – Quick Reference

How to set up a continuous integration process in the cloud – Try it

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service  – Quick Understanding & Hands-on

JIRA Tutorial – Startup Guide

Production Readiness Checklist – Handy Guide

DevOps and CICD – Popular Tools

Container Orchestration – All Needed Information

Blockchain Components – Quick Understanding

Tools for Cloud Infrastructure – Quick Reference

Azure Powershell Scripts – Customize the Scripts and use

A Cool Collection of DevOps Checklists – For your Attention

AWS Solution Architect – Practice Test

AWS Essentials Practice Test

DevOps Architect – Free Practice Exam

Open Source Application Release Automation  – for agile teams with complex deployments

Blockchain Architecture – A Framework

Simple web interface for MultiChain blockchain – Try it

Remix a suite of tools to interact with the Ethereum blockchain – Ethereum IDE

Nomad tool for managing a cluster of machines and running applications – Try it

Gogs a painless self-hosted Git service – Try it

Drone a Continuous Delivery platform – built on Docker

GrafanaLabs – analytics and monitoring – Use Cases

The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database – Hands-on – try it

Interactive Browser Based Labs, Courses & Playgrounds – Good one Try It

Go implementation of the Ethereum – Hands on

Running Corda Demobench – How to –on your Laptop

Corda DemoBench – Training sessions, demos or just experimentation.

Solutions for the practical exercises on Corda  – 2 days hands on training

Tutorials on Corda  – Hands-on tutorials

Corda Youtube Videos – Educate yourself

Ethereum Hyperledger fabric and R3 Corda – Technical Differences

Knative – Serverless Programming for any Cloud – Function As A Service

Replacing the service desk with bots – using Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect

Deploying an Active Directory Forest– Using AWS Cloud Formation

Automate your Cloud Operations – Using AWS Cloud Formation

IaaS Application Migration – Approach Guide

The DevOps Walkthrough – Quick reference

Understanding GIT – Explore A Distributed Version Control

Connecting to Your Linux Instance from Windows Using PuTTY – Reference

AWS 10-Minute Tutorials – Hands On

Migrating to Amazon Web Services – Quick Reference Guide

Best Practices for Your Cloud Migration – Quick Reference

Migrating Applications to the Cloud – Strategies

Database Continuous Integration   – Guide for DB CI/CD

Database Release Automation Solution – Online Demo

Introduction to Azure Maps – Geospatial and Location APIs

Docker Labs – Playground to learn Docker

Overcoming-Test-Automation-Roadblocks – With Service Virtualization

A Blockchain Platform for the Enterprise  – Reference & Tutorials to get hands-on

Blockchain –Detailed Information – First Hand Information

Short Guide to Blockchain Consensus Protocols – Quick Reference

OpenStack git repository – One stop reference for OpenStack

How To Get Started With OpenStack – Get Hands-On Using DevStack

The OpenStack Public Cloud Passport Try OpenStack on Public Cloud

AWS Solutions  – A complete reference 200+ documents

ServerlessApps – e-Book Reference

Deploy Oracle E-Business Suite Environments – on Oracle Cloud Infra

Ansible setup for OCI on OL6.9 – on Oracle Cloud Infra

Certified_Kubernetes_Administrator_Exam_v1.9.0 – CKA Exam Pattern

AWS serverless costs – How to have a check on cost

AWS Deployment Automation Tools – How to use CodeDeploy

Securing Oracle Database – Quick Reference

Database Security Assessment Tool – DBSAT

Securing your Web front – Using Azure Application Gateway

DevOps World   – Understand What is DevOps ?

CICD_Framework – Open Source Platform to build CI/CD Stack

Design Considerations for Implementing a Full Stack Monitoring – Reference Guide

Setting up Continuous Delivery – Jenkins – Handy Guide

OpenStack on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM – Hand-on Labs

Agile Service Management – A Checklist

Prometheus Monitoring with Grafana – Step by Step Instructions

AWS AppSync — Up and Running with GraphQL in the Cloud Hands on Guide

Tackling User Authorization in GraphQL with AWS AppSync Hands on Guide

Setting up Ingress on Minikube – Hands on steps

Virtual Kubelet – an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation

API Reference To Find IP or MAC – Good one

Kaniko – Build Container Images in Kubernetes

Installing and Running Kubernetes on Various Platforms – Pick the Right Solution

Using kubeadm to Create a Cluster  – Handy Information with Steps

Open Source Security in Your Kubernetes Cluster – Secure Apps Deployed on K8s

Black Duck OpsSight for OpenShift – Enterprise Open Source Vulnerability
Detection for Containers

Perceptor-Protoform – A Cloud Native Administration Utility for Perceptor Eco-System

Watson Simple CI server that helps you build your projects continuously – Good One

Cloud Data Integration Tools  – Capabilities and Reviews

Native Third-party tools boost interoperability in cloud – Read It

Blockchain – Quick Overview Understanding

AWS Blockchain Template – a response to market demand

AWS Blox – open source project designed to help IT professionals

Continuous Integration and Delivery for NET Apps using Jenkins – Step By Step Guide

Setting up CI-CD on Gitlab  – Step by Step Guide

Must Have Skills for DevOps Career – Must Read

Azure vs. Google vs. AWS – Container Services – Pick your Choice

Kubernetes Security Guide – Good One from Sysdig Check it Out

Enroll in Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer Training  – Self Paced Learning

The best web programming languages for development – Languages to be aware of

IT Professional Training – Free Online Training on various IT Technologies

MapR Academy -Register for MapR Academy to Take the Below Free Courses

MapR Converged Data Platform – Hands-on Practicals

Monitor Istio – The Kubernetes Service Mesh – Good One from Sysdig

Sending Kubernetes & Docker events to Elasticsearch and Splunk – Using Sysdig implementation method

Introduction to Big Data –  Free Course

Hadoop Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Essentials–  Free Course

MapReduce Cluster Administrations Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Converged Data Platform Essentials – Free Course

MapReduce DB Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Streams Essentials –  Free Course

Apache Drill Essentials –  Free Course

Apache Hive Essentials–  Free Course

Apache Pig Essentials–  Free Course

Big Data and Hadoop 101  – One More Free Course

Apace Hadoop 101 –  Hadoop’s method of distributed processing. Free Course

Monitoring Kubernetes – Monitoring, Alerting, Troubleshooting & WayBlazer – Use Case Demo

Helm package manager-The missing CI-CD Kubernetes component – Hands-on Try IT

Getting Started with Kubernetes on AWS – Hands on Tutorial

Getting Started with Kubernetes on Google Cloud – Hands on Tutorial

Kubernetes Twelve Key Features – Understanding K8s

Hands 0n Docker Tutorial – Good one to start with and Gain knowledge on Docker

Getting Started with Kubernetes on your Windows Laptop with Minikube  – Lab -Try IT

Using Chocolatey with Azure VMs  – Hands on Practice

Kubernetes 101 – Pods, Nodes, Containers & Clusters

Understanding Kubernetes Networking  – Best explanation Pod & Ingress networking

Kubernetes on Windows – Hands-on

Google Cloud Tutorials – Good Hands-on

Help Full Site for Learning and Troubleshooting – All in one

New Azure Data Factory self-paced hands-on lab for UI  – Free

Azure DevTest Labs  – Free

PaaS The next Gen Cloud Software – Good One

Virtual Machines on Azure – Linux and Windows – Step By Step Guide Hands-on

Project Success Plan – Business Continuity and DR – Good One

Hyperledger Business Blockchain Technologies – Quick Reference Guide with Tutorials

Next Stage Of Virtualisation Containers – Handy Guide

Ethereum Deployment Guide – In Azure

Red Hat Ansible Tower right now for FREE – Linux, Vagrant & AWS EC2

DevOps Culture – A Huge Step for Mankind – Understanding DevOps

DevSecOps Reference Architectures 2018 – Security in DevOps

Apply DevOps best practices to the BPM lifecycle




Accelerate DevOps initiative Tips

Use Ingress Resources to Expose Kubernetes Services to External Traffic

Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Enterprise Smart Contracts: resolving the truth for Blockchains

Docker for Windows Dev Environment

Create a Hybrid Kubernetes Linux Windows Cluster

Technical reference implementation for enterprise BI and reporting



Awesome Computer Courses

Java Spring Cloud Scalable Microservices Demo


Cloud Projects

Learning GO Language

Learn Angular.js

Azure Storm Trooper Project – Try it

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Google Digital Garage

Google Developer Learning

Google Services Learning

IBM Services Learning

Lynda Developer Learning

eDX Learning

Coursera Learning

Udemy Learning

Alison Learning

Furutre Learn

W3 Schools Learning

Tutorials Point Learning

Agile SCRUM Training

Edureka Learning



Best Practices for Microservices whitepaper

Application Modernisation The Essential Guide

ACHIEVE A SUCCESSFUL Microservices architecture

Improve the Business DevOps Performance

Big Data Moving Apps into Production &amp

Overcoming Data Modeling Challenges

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Comparing Methodologies Agile vs. DevOps vs. Lean Startup

Developer Survival Guide