Cloud Open Source Tools

DevOps World   – Understand What is DevOps ?

CICD_Framework – Open Source Platform to build CI/CD Stack

Design Considerations for Implementing a Full Stack Monitoring – Reference Guide

Prometheus Monitoring with Grafana – Step by Step Instructions

Virtual Kubelet – an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation

Bazel – Rules for building and handling Docker images with Bazel

Kaniko – Build Container Images in Kubernetes

Black Duck HUB  – Manage Open Source Risks

Black Duck OpsSight for OpenShift – Enterprise Open Source Vulnerability
Detection for Containers

Open Source Security in Your Kubernetes Cluster – Secure Apps Deployed on K8s

Perceptor-Protoform – A Cloud Native Administration Utility for Perceptor Eco-System

AWS Blox – open source project designed to help IT professionals

Native Third-party tools boost interoperability in cloud – Read It

GoCD Server and Agent – Download and Try Yourself (

GoCD Server and Agent –  Features and Benefits- Documentation  ( GIT Repository – Handy information from

Getting Started with GoCD – Implementation Guide

Continuous Delivery LiveLessons  – Video Training

Essential Open-Source Tools for Cloud Management – Check this one

Setting up CI-CD on Gitlab  – Step by Step Guide

Continuous Integration and Delivery for NET Apps using Jenkins – Step By Step Guide

Cloud Data Integration Tools  – Capabilities and Reviews