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AWS Blockchain Template – a response to market demand

IT Professional Training – Free Online Training on various IT Technologies

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MapR Converged Data Platform – Hands-on Practicals

Introduction to Big Data –  Free Course

Hadoop Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Essentials–  Free Course

MapReduce Cluster Administrations Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Converged Data Platform Essentials – Free Course

MapReduce DB Essentials –  Free Course

MapReduce Streams Essentials –  Free Course

Apache Drill Essentials –  Free Course

Apache Hive Essentials–  Free Course

Apache Pig Essentials–  Free Course

Big Data and Hadoop 101  – One More Free Course

Apace Hadoop 101 –  Hadoop’s method of distributed processing. Free Course

Project Success Plan – Business Continuity and DR – Good One

IoT Examples Hands-on – AWS

IoT Examples – Hands On 1 more set

IoT Examples – Hands on 1 more Set

New Azure Data Factory self-paced hands-on lab for UI  – Free

Help Full Site for Learning and Troubleshooting – All in one


Work Stream Collaboration

Essentials Tools & Service Developing Mobile Apps on Azure

Technical reference implementation for enterprise BI and reporting

Azure Storm Trooper Project Try it




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Learning GO Langiuage

Learn Angular.js

Awesome Big Data Algorithims

Next Stage_of_Virtualisation Containers

Computing for Data Analytics Solutions

Improve the Business DevOps Performance

Big Data Moving Apps into Production &amp

Overcoming Data Modeling Challenges

Comparing Methodologies Agile vs. DevOps vs. Lean Startup

Watson Speech to Text Demo

Watson Text to Speech

Watson Discovery Service Demo

Watson Visual Reorganization Demo

Watson Conversation Demo

Watson Natural Language Understanding Demo

Watson Natural Language Classifier Demo

Watson Tone Analyzer Demo

Watson Personality Insights Demo

Watson Language Translator – Learn 15 Languages