Azure Cloud Services

Production Readiness Checklist – Handy Guide

Azure Powershell Scripts – Customize the Scripts and use

DevOps Architect – Free Practice Exam

Knative – Serverless Programming for any Cloud – Function As A Service

IaaS Application Migration – Approach Guide

Cisco APIC controller for AWS, Azure – Check it

Serverless Architecture – Article

Hybrid cloud trends offer lessons for potential consumers – Good Article

Jenkins is for Development Rundeck is for Operations – Checkout

Rundeck makes Ansible even better Checkout

WEB IDE Tool – Development on Cloud

Compare Continuous Integration Software – For Knowledge

Migrating to Amazon Web Services – Quick Reference Guide

Jenkins X is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud – applications on Kubernetes

Introduction to Azure Maps – Geospatial and Location APIs

ServerlessApps – e-Book Reference

Securing your Web front – Using Azure Application Gateway

CICD_Framework – Open Source Platform to build CI/CD Stack

Azure for .NET developers – Build app in Cloud

Setting up Ingress on Minikube – Hands on steps

Virtual Kubelet – an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation

Cloud Data Integration Tools  – Capabilities and Reviews

Continuous Integration and Delivery for NET Apps using Jenkins – Step By Step Guide

Azure Cognitive Services – Try for Free – Vision, Semantic Search, Speech, Language

Azure vs. Google vs. AWS – Container Services – Pick your Choice

IT Professional Training – Free Online Training on various IT Technologies

IoT Examples – Azure

Helm package manager-The missing CI-CD Kubernetes component – Hands-on Try IT

Azure DevTest Labs  – Free

Using Chocolatey with Azure VMs  – Hands on Practice

Virtual Machines on Azure – Linux and Windows – Step By Step Guide Hands-on

New Azure Data Factory self-paced hands-on lab for UI  – Free

Perceptor-Protoform – A Cloud Native Administration Utility for Perceptor Eco-System

Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Essentials Tools & Service Developing Mobile Apps on Azure

Nested VMs in Azure with one click

Docker for Windows Dev Environment

Azure Container Service Engine

Azure Storm Trooper Project – Try it

Azure Unleashed

Azure Deep Dive

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Create a Hybrid Kubernetes Linux Windows Cluster

Azure Patch Update Management

Azure Hands-on Labs

Be a Azure Master – Hands-on

Azure Marketplace Hands-on Labs

Setup Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud Backup Hands-on Guide

Azure Cloud Academy

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Functions Twitter IoT Integration

Notification Service using Azure IoT

Sharepoint Approval Workflow