Amazon Web Services


Migrating to Amazon Web Services – Quick Reference Guide

Best Practices for Your Cloud Migration – Quick Reference

Migrating Applications to the Cloud – Strategies

Jenkins X is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud – applications on Kubernetes

AWS serverless costs – How to have a check on cost

AWS Deployment Automation Tools – How to use CodeDeploy

Cisco APIC controller for AWS, Azure – Check it

AWS Solutions  – A complete reference 200+ documents

Serverless Architecture – Article

Hybrid cloud trends offer lessons for potential consumers – Good Article

Jenkins is for Development Rundeck is for Operations – Checkout

Rundeck makes Ansible even better Checkout

WEB IDE Tool – Development on Cloud

Compare Continuous Integration Software – For Knowledge

Production Readiness Checklist – Handy Guide

DevOps Architect – Free Practice Exam

AWS Essentials Practice Test

AWS Solution Architect – Practice Test

Knative – Serverless Programming for any Cloud – Function As A Service

Replacing the service desk with bots – using Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect

Deploying an Active Directory Forest– Using AWS Cloud Formation

Automate your Cloud Operations – Using AWS Cloud Formation

IaaS Application Migration – Approach Guide

Connecting to Your Linux Instance from Windows Using PuTTY – Reference

AWS 10-Minute Tutorials – Hands On

CICD_Framework – Open Source Platform to build CI/CD Stack

AWS AppSync — Up and Running with GraphQL in the Cloud Hands on Guide

Tackling User Authorization in GraphQL with AWS AppSync Hands on Guide

Setting up Ingress on Minikube – Hands on steps

Amazon Web Services – Labs – GIT Repository

Virtual Kubelet – an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation

Cloud Data Integration Tools  – Capabilities and Reviews

AWS Blox – open source project designed to help IT professionals

Azure vs. Google vs. AWS – Container Services – Pick your Choice

Amazon SimpleDB – Hands-on Tutorial

IT Professional Training – Free Online Training on various IT Technologies

AWS Self Paced Labs – Good one

IoT Examples Hands-on – AWS

IoT Examples – Hands On 1 more set

IoT Examples – Hands on 1 more Set

AWS Use Case Projects – Hands on Virtual session

AWS Trusted Advisor – provides real time guidance with AWS Best Practise

AWS Lightsail – jumpstart your project on AWS—compute, storage,
and networking—for a low, predictable price.

AWS Lightsail – 10 minute tutorial

AWS Translate  – Natural and Fluent Language Translation

Amazon Transcribe  automatic speech recognition (ASR) service

Amazon Rekognition –  Deep learning based Image and Video analysis

Amazon Conversational interfaces  building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text

Amazon SageMaker – build, train & deploy ML models at scale

Amazon Comprehend – Discover Insights and Relationships in Text

Help Full Site for Learning and Troubleshooting – All in one

Getting Started with Kubernetes on AWS – Hands on Tutorial

Helm package manager-The missing CI-CD Kubernetes component – Hands-on Try IT

Red Hat Ansible Tower right now for FREE – Linux, Vagrant & AWS EC2

Perceptor-Protoform – A Cloud Native Administration Utility for Perceptor Eco-System

AWS Training- Free

AWS Unleashed

Amazon Business Analytics Tool

AWS Linux 2 – VirtualBox

Docker For Beginners on AWS

Amazon Business Analytics Tool – Step by Step guide